About AISC

A.I. Socratic Circles (#AISC) is a community of intellectually curious individuals centred around technical review and discussion of advances in machine learning.

We are a welcoming, supportive community of machine learning practitioner and researchers. Our technical backgrounds are diverse; we come from industry and academia, with an array of experience, from avid learners to experts in their fields.

Our group is centred around consistent meetings focused on meticulous but friendly discussions of advances in machine learning (typically scientific publications). In our discussions, we strive to cover both intuitive conceptual understanding and foundational mathematical details.

Our community in numbers!

Steering Committee

Serena McDonnell

Head of Operations

Susan Shu Chang

“Foundational” Stream Lead

Alireza Darbehani

Trending Papers Stream Lead

Nour Fahmy

"Main" Stream Lead

Ehsan Amjadian

Discussion Lead

Xiyang Chen

A/V Lead

Amir Feizpour

Partnership Lead